The development of innovative concepts and products requires a broad range of knowledge and experience.

Special value is attached to an intensive cooperation with our clients who have a wealth of specific knowledge and experience available.

All the necessary knowledge and experience is not to unite in one person. Therefor Retail Innovation Factory combines experienced generalists with specialists from science, technology, retail and manufacturing.


The method of Retail Innovation Factory makes it possible to convert trends and developments fast and concrete into products and concepts to build a decisive lead.

Onging monitoring of trends and developments (national and international) enables Retail Innovation Factory to participate and agitate in an early stage.



rif-vinkje     Brand interest is unrelated to production interest
rif-vinkje     No creative constraints
rif-vinkje     Innovative added value products and product concepts
rif-vinkje     Tested consumer acceptance
rif-vinkje     Short time to market
rif-vinkje     Continuous development
rif-vinkje     Private labels and brands
rif-vinkje     We can basically make everything