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Retail Innovation Factory Food b.v. | Building Brands & Business - HOW WE WORK

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The methods of Retail Innovation Factory are highly unconventional: unlike the development from the technique

Retail Innovation Factory develops from the market which provides the latent need of the consumer as well as (in consequence) the need of the retailer.

Development from the market requires that every product can be produced witnin the given time frame, the desired quality, packaging and quantity.


The methods of the Retail Innovation Factory distinguish by the simultaneous approach of the different phases of research, development and implementation of the project.

Development from the market requires also a “short time to market” approach to be able to turn the trends and developments appropriate into concrete products and assortments.



rif-vinkje     Brand interest is unrelated to production interest
rif-vinkje     No creative constraints
rif-vinkje     Innovative added value products and product concepts
rif-vinkje     Tested consumer acceptance
rif-vinkje     Short time to market
rif-vinkje     Continuous development
rif-vinkje     Private labels and brands
rif-vinkje     We can basically make everything